A Time to Tear Down

I don’t have to tell about all the horrible things going on in our country right now. But I can tell you that this past weekend has been full of irreparable damage.

The horrible, hateful, hideous rhetoric spewed out of the mouths of those who tote around Jesus’ words like a sword that severs only in their favor is unacceptable.

You probably already know that I’m a Christian, and because of that, I’m telling you right here, right now, that these evil acts of domestic terrorism from the insane white supremacists is horrifying.

I am ashamed

Jesus came not for the healthy, but for the sick. For those who were cast out. For those who needed help.

He loved fiercely.

He seethed righteously.

He was the epitome of the highest commands: love God, love others.

I’m working at getting better at both those things, but in the mean time, I’ll pray.

I’ve been leaning hard on Psalm 58. I’ve always struggled with prayer–sometimes simply praying words that other people have written. This one of David’s is probably my favorite. I’ve adapted and repurposed it here:

Justice–these rulers do not understand the meaning of the word. They do not judge fairly. They plant injustice in the hearts and minds of their followers. They spread violence throughout the land. These wicked people may not have been born with hatred festering in their hearts, but oh how they have fed and nourished and cared and let it blossom inside.

From this they spit venom.

Their hatred makes them blind, makes them ignorant, makes them stubborn. They lie and pave their way to injustice.

Break off their venomous fangs, O God!

Smash the jaws of these horrible liars!

May they evaporate like water on a hot day.

Make their weapons useless in their hands.

May they be like snails dissolving in the salt or the deepest, darkest ocean creatures that can never see the sun.

Sweep them away, God, young and old, faster than the clap of thunder follows a flash of lightning.

O Lord, avenge. You are a just ruler.

Expose these twisted lies sold as truth.

Embolden us. Build us as we stand firm in the foundation of truth to stand against these liars to protect the innocent they seek to harm. Use us to spread peace. To be a light in a world shrouded in darkness.

Give us strength to speak out, to tear down, to forgive.

Please O Lord, let this injustice come to an end.


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