Shadorma Friday!

shadorma: a Spanish poetic form made up of a stanza of six lines with no set rhyme scheme. It is a syllabic poem with a meter of  3/5/3/3/7/5.

What is home?
I was hoping it
might be you,
but it looks
more like the sun streaming through
an open window.

Think of it:
a warm autumn day,
piled on
a comfy
couch, laughing alongside the
ones you love most.


ocean waves
rolling and rocking
weary arms
aching legs
the raft drifts out of sight but
you’re the one who jumped.

endless blue
their voices drowned by the sea
stay afloat
take deep breaths
you can be scared for your life
but don’t stop swimming.


head and heart –
they say different
things sometimes.
Roots or wings?
i’m never sure how to know
what i really want.

Two voices –
the head and the heart.
both voices
shake as they
cry out, “Love, don’t worry. The
roots will set you free.”



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