My Therapist Asked Me “What do you want?”

I want love and I want it bad,
screw what anyone else has to say because when love is right it’s the best thing we do. I could spend forever with you by my side climbing mountains and getting lost in valleys, getting fooled by the trees. I want adventures with you and I’ll endure the storms
because the sunrise is always worth it.

I want real friendships that don’t break because of distance.
I want endless nights laying on the floor and laughing til our stomachs ache, beats in the background, a soundtrack for baking cookies and driving to the store at midnight to get ice cream, rubbing our eyes and drinking a glass of cold water to stay awake. conversations that only exist when the rest of the world is asleep conversations that only exist
between true friends.

I want to be brave enough to let go of my thoughts and feelings,
to unlock the chains, to use the key that I’ve been gripping making my knuckles turn white and my palms bleed to let words spiral out of my mouth and not grasp at them to pull them back in, to let them fly and collide with yours and sort through them together.

I want to be home
to feel safe, to feel free to be who I am, raise my hands in the air, let my hair down and let my skin see the light no worries that my arms and my legs that were made to create and to build, the body I came in, my imperfections are in plain sight of the world. flawless, my body flowing to the rhythm of whatever’s coming my way, twisting and turning, sometimes slipping and falling  but I’m okay
because I’m home.


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